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2010: In Words

Okay, Last Year I wrote this as my introduction.....

"2009. Where did it go?

I have been asking myself this a lot lately. It seems I blinked and a whole year passed. But looking back on this year, it has been amazing and definitely one to remember.
My year was so unpredictable yet perfectly planned. So perfectly planned that I was aware each day that no matter what I had decided, God had a plan that was going to happen. In the end, I was taught that no matter what, you have to trust in his plan, wear your heart on your sleeve, a smile on your face, and have no regrets, for everything happens for a reason.
I guess I should issue this....
WARNING: I am a very detailed individual and remember everything so beware of post length."
Well I must agree, I would say the same about this year. All of it except...
"2010. Where did it go?"

2010 "A few chapters of 'my climb'"
New Year's rung in, with a few of my favorite girls in Memphis, Tennessee. We started January with a bang, especially when the Razorbacks won the Liberty Bowl in overtime.
We were true fans and braved the freezing weather for our Hogs!
Then I was off to the 'Big Easy' New Orleans for The Special Event (TSE) conference for event professionals. I was able to hang out all week with a few of my co-workers from LA, listen to them speak, volunteer at a few of the events, and learn-learn-learn at the seminars. Such a wonderful week with this crew and experience in general. They are the ones that gave me the knowledge and confidence to do the following...
Love them. (& Miss them!)
The greatest part of January...was that I launched my own company. I really can't believe year one is in the books. Young Designs has brought so much joy to my year in more ways than just "planning weddings," it really has become my niche' and life.
January marked my first bridal fair where I got a few 2010 brides and got my name out there.
Then it snowed in Arkansas, the one day I am trying to fly out to NYC.

Spent a week in NYC then traveled with my sister to the West coast for her birthday!!
Loved getting to stay with one of my former bosses and Images By Lighting owner, Ray. We had a wonderful time catching up with him and Curt, and the puppies!!! As well as showing Aimee where I lived and my favorite spots in LA.
Sister on her Birthday!
Us on Ellen!!! {Still waiting on my year supply of vitamin water fyi}
February was another bridal show in Conway! Another successful event and new 2010 brides!!
March was a busy month with Chelsea's bachelorette party in Dallas and Gail's engagement in Memphis. I was able to see my friends a lot which was so wonderful! We got spoiled March-May, getting to spend so much time with each other! Here's a pic from Gail's engagement!
Before you knew it, Spring had arrived and it was time to celebrate mine and Natalie's birthdays in Little Rock. We had a delicious dinner at Cajun's then danced around Hillcrest!

While most of you know, I love and live for a good country concert- April was the month for that!!! Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw in Little Rock was AWESOME thanks to our seats RIGHT beside the stage!!!
I could have touched them :)
Oh and April 19, 2010 I turned another year older and welcomed "2-3" with a mother/daughter pedicure and I was off to California AGAIN! (I got spoiled by myself if you couldn't tell.)
April= Stagecoach Country Music Festival in Desert Springs, CA
27 country music acts, a pool + warm weather + two great friends= best weekend EVER
Then May... It was time for all of the planning to turn reality and weddings to begin!!! Not only was I working one in May, in one in May, but invited to four other weddings in May! Talk about wedding season!!

Young Designs kicked it off at one of my sorority sister's, Meghan, wedding in Stuttgart, Arkansas. It was so great to see all of these girls. I felt like it had been forever. We had such a fun night.
Then the next weekend, I was off to Memphis to be a bridesmaid for the first time in Mrs. Jewell's wedding! It was such a wonderful time for our group of friends and so fun! Here I am with the bride, Chelsea, and Amanda (who recently got engaged)!
All the Arkansas Girls!
And true friends help friends in need :)

June: Got 10 inches off my lovely hair :)

A new do' for the summer and the beach :)

Always a highlight of my year, family reunion in Mexico Beach, Florida!

It couldn't have come at a better time!
July: I played on the lake with friends most of the time, and was back in the office for fall planning. Loved being able to enjoy a little bit of summer with my friends and family!

Here is a photo collage I think Chelsea made from one of our Lake weekends at her lake house.
Then August, came one of my most treasured memory. I had started planning in the end of December '09 for one of my high school friends' weddings. If my wedding was damask and purple, I could call this one 'my own' with all the time/thought put in to it. Allyson was busy with PT school so her mother and I planned it based on her style and tastes. She couldn't have been more thrilled which equalled me a happy girl. And an opportunity that some of my close friends from high school, teachers and former coaches could see "what I am doing now." That was a definite highlight! As well as the process I was able to meet wonderful local vendors. That was definitely a challenge going from "LA vendors" aka get anything you want any day, to "Arkansas" vendors and prices. It was a learning curve :)
September was awesome! Filled with working three back-to-back weddings and a few of my largest weddings! I never knew working three straight weeks, every day could be so fun! Tiring but fun, reminded me I am definitely doing what I love!...STILL!
Little Rock
Hot Springs
And back to Little Rock
Then, I fell in love with fall. SO much this year, it really is hard to explain. I am such a summer girl but I enjoyed fall so much. The colors, the beauty, the boys. Sidenote:pretty sure I went on more dates in October with different guys then the whole year combined. Something was in the water, everyone wanted to "set" me up with one of there friends, co-workers, son's, etc. Even one of my dad's college friends sent me on a blind date with one of his employees?! What. Really! Quite odd if you ask me but hey if your still reading this post- figured I should entertain you a little- don't worry-none lasted. ha At least at this point! But that does some up October! Okay, enough personal stuff...

Changing the subject: I do love this beautiful red barn :)
November- wondering if I should still just do this? Questioning if I should get another side job, even though planning is plenty of hours spent. Right when I asked God to show me a sign, he sent me an event that was 3 weeks away for 500 people in a venue that was being remodeled and would only ever have one event, this one. Was so honored to design the Centennial Celebration for the Central Arkansas Library System!!
November was wonderful. Reminded me about this 'climb' that I am on. Gave me motivation to keep moving forward, up the mountain, and strength to accept certain facts and business idea/decisions/etc. as what they were, but to never loose sight on what I am seeking out of life and my career. Helping others, no matter what.

BUT when it comes to business, no one is going to go in to Best Buy and demand them mark a t.v. (their product) down- so not to let people intimidate me on the product and service they are getting from my company. It was the greatest lesson learned for me at a time I needed to learn it, when I was questioning how 'business owners have a heart?' It just took a little reminding from my Dad- that you can't trust everyone on what they say. Plus after all, we all have bills to pay- so we must get what we are worth. Okay-saga over, but that is to remind me when I have a rough day and look back at this post- my journal- what I learned. November was so fun and I was able to work and cherish spending great time with my family! I am truly blessed to have all of them...
Loved spending Thanksgiving with all of them! December went by in a blink- went from decorating for Christmas to Christmas day being over and well now.... I am ending the year being a bridesmaid in a wedding on 1-1-11! The first for Young Designs' to design and produce and myself to be in it! I have my assistants running the coordination on this one, so it is a wonderful training opportunity while I am still present to oversee. Love it. It is part and the start of a great 2011 that I am feeling. One that I know the good man upstairs has planned perfectly. What will it hold- I have no idea, but I am so thrilled to find out. Embrace the new year and everything it will hold!! As for me, my January 2010 and January 2011 is familiar...headed back to the 'Big Easy Monday for.....
My favorite Christmas present....Sugar Bowl trip with one of my besties from High School, gonna be so much fun! See you soon New Orleans!!! Can't wait to watch my Hogs play!!

Happy New Year Everyone! God bless each and everyone of you, may you have the best year ever and live in the 'right now' version of life. Don't worry about the future, trust in His plan for you; and most importantly enjoy every day! ~Shawna

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  1. What an exciting year you had, sweet girl! I hope 2011 is all you want and more!