Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday Fun

Last night, Sunday, was the First Annual Stagg Sister's Christmas Party!! It was so much fun. Here we are playing "Dirty Santa." There are LOTS of versions to this game. This time we played two rounds and drew numbers. You could steal up to three times before a gift was "dead." There were lots of popular items that "died" while we played. I always love seeing all the gifts!
Plus I LOVED getting to catch up with these two friends, Hannah and Natalie.
And. This. Hilarious game!

Natalie found it online and it definitely was entertaining. Depending how many people you have, split up into groups of two or threes (whichever will be even). Each group gets 10 balloons and a pair of pantie hose; when it is time to start, each group blows up 10 balloons to fill out their "antlers" first group to have a member look like a reindeer wins! Afterwards, we took this opportunity for a goofy pic. It will definitely put a smile on our faces for years to come.

Three of the cutest deer you will meet!
Natalie and I by the Hot Chocolate bar! Isn't it so cute?! The Stagg girls and their sweet Momma were wonderful hostesses, everyone loved their super cute dessert table and hot chocolate bar! And I learned something new too--- Walmart has French Vanilla marshmallows that are perfect in hot chocolate or coffee.
Hope you are enjoying your Monday evening! If you need me, I will be catching up on my laptop by the fire tonight, loving this winter weather!

In other news, if you are a fan of weddings, you must check out my "Winter Wonderland" series over on my company's blog, here. Tonight is the first post on the fun bridal portraits of Mrs. Kristen, owner of Rock City Dance Center!

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