Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Poor blog. I feel like I am cheating on it.... Promise I have lots of pictures and fun things to update here. But tonight's just not the night... I'm tied up at my desk. At midnight. Feel like I am back in college- I just remind myself of studying and it makes me much happier that I am working instead of cramming.
And let me just add this in, I have SO much respect and admiration for all the small business owners out there. The picture above is how I felt...oh... 5 hours ago. Huge HUGE next 10 days. So tonight, I did pause- and grab one of these....
White. Chocolate. Mocha.
AHHH So wonderful.
It is amazing how productive I was with it in hand. No longer stressin' and I'm a happy girl.
Now calling it a night.

If you've missed me, head on over to my Tis' The Season post and leave some love!

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