Monday, December 13, 2010

Miscellany Monday: Catch-up


I'm Back! {For the two people who have missed me ha}

Since I have TONS of posts that I was "gonna" do, I figured I would save your google readers and do Carissa's Miscellany Monday to catch you up! Warning: Long Post.
Time to dive in :)

1) Adding pictures, I realized I never posted this pic of my Young Designs' home office for Kelly's Korner, Show Us Your Office featuring my favorite painting from Denise Rose Fine Art. It was a gift by Mrs. Rose that I cannot tell you how honored I was to receive. She is the talented mother of one of my best friends, Chelsea. And. She. Is. SO. Talented. I am slightly jealous of her "craftiness" and am eventually going to "camp" at her studio. Check out her work here, and order a custom painting from her. Again, thank you so much Mrs. Denise for the painting. I absolutely adore it!
2) The Beautiful Fall Weather has been replaced. Time has just flown by, so have the leaves; and winter is upon us. Guess it's about time, since it is December. Love this picture of the Clinton Presidential Library from a few weeks back when I did a wedding there.
3) Thankful for family, forever and always. Since I delayed too long on my Thanksgiving post, here is a little excerpt:

Trip to Coffeeville, Mississippi to see the farm on our way to watch the Hogs beat MSU in football.
The Little Red House on the farm where my Grandmother grew up.
Lucille's grave a.k.a. as the best Magnolia tree in Mississippi. And Daddy.
My Football buddy for our day trip to Mississippi.
Sister arrived from NYC with ..... her cowbell.
Note: we let her come sit with us when we were ahead, the forth quarter turned into....
{insert loud cowbell ringing here} when the Bulldogs sent us into Overtime in Starkville. I started praying hard. "I don't think it would be in the best interest of my family for them(MSU) to win, because this cowbell would probably be trashed by the time thanksgiving arrived. Which would equal to Aimee mad, Mom mad because her daughter was home from NYC; I was mean and got rid of the cowbell, because it was annoying me and MSU won".....THANKFULLY, the hogs beat the dawgs in overtime. Which made for a happy girl and myself not being annoyed with Aimee ringing her cowbell the following week...because once again, the hogs won!

Last Play.
4) Thanksgiving week was wonderful with all four of us being home. It was a sports filled weekend too with the Hogs in the Rock.
Basketball game
Football game vs. LSU
Which we won!! The boot is ours!
And my camera was in "excellent form" during the game. Row 35 didn't have nothing on it.
5) Check out this next picture.
Looks like a scene from a movie, right? Well, it's not. Just Arkansas in its' finest form. The trumpet swans have arrived in Heber Springs again this year!

6) I have spent a few days over the last few weeks decorating homes for Christmas, using the decor my client's have on hand. It has been a blessing helping others accomplish a task they feel is challenging.
Check out my Top Ten Holiday Tips!
Sadly, we have yet to get our tree out. Now the debate is, should we? For a little over 10 days till Christmas? I will keep you updated on that.

7) Speaking of Christmas, Santa came on Saturday. I was granted two tickets to....
The Allstate Sugar Bowl in New Orleans to cheer on the Arkansas Razorbacks!!! 2011 will start off right!

8) This past week/week-in-a-half has been a Winter Wonderland for me, business wise. It started with the "snow" falling for Kristen and John David's big day in Little Rock on December 4, 2010.
She was one stylish bride! Check out her shoes!
Decorating this Winter Wonderland was a blast!
The wedding kicked off a super busy week that wrapped up yesterday. The next 7 days included...

Loading in here...Building 30+, 10-14 feet trees.
All around a ballroom!
Love a good task!
And I am pretty fond of how it turned out! Here are a few pictures still from set-up. I will show the professional ones when I get them so you can see the full impact.

9) Saturday night was the Arkansas Children's Hospital Miracle Ball for 440 guests in Little Rock. It is the event that the pictures above are from.
I was honored to attend the event the last two years and this year, be apart of the overall design project, the trees. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this and attending the event, which raised close to half a million for the hospital. What a wonderful night. Here is the night in pictures.

In our Black-tie best.
Loved sitting with Mrs. Stacey, a childhood friend from Maumelle.
And a Baldwin was there to show his support for ACH, thanks Stephen.
Such a neat experience. I love children and I cannot wait till I can contribute to this nonprofit. It definitely is one that has an impact in every action, child, patient, worker at Children's Hospital; and touches almost each and every Arkansan in the fact you have had or known someone who has been treated at this hospital. Here is my post from last year's event. It was last year that I met Jim with Radiant Designs, He is the reason I was able to do this event this year, and he has done lighting for me at several weddings. You never know who you will come in contact with- it really is a small world.

10) Sunday night I was able to attend the 'soft' re-opening for On The Border in Little Rock.
They had a fire in October and will officially be open TODAY!!! Go show my friends at On the Border some love and let them know you are happy they are up and running again. They have been working hard to get everything lined up. And I am thrilled to have them ready to do some more catering!

Pretty sure I made the longest Miscellany Monday, but hey, I am caught up now! ;)

Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day!


  1. The decorations for the wedding and ball are absolutely gorgeous! I just love that feel of winter.

  2. You have such a wonderful blog! All your photos are beautiful and I can tell you live a very happy life :) Found you on the Monday blog hop! Hope you'll come visit me!