Friday, March 12, 2010

Bachelorette Party Recap

My Apologizes blog readers...I have been M.I.A on the blog this week, and this post is long overdue. Last Friday, one of my bff's Natalie and I hit the road. We headed to Dallas, Texas to meet all of our friends. We had so much fun "roadtrippin" it. Food, jams, chit chatting, dancing and singing were all involved and the SUNNY drive made it even greater (check out the sky through the sunroof).
We made it to Dallas safely, and checked into the Fairmont Dallas. The Fairmont was the perfect place for our group to stay. The MOH (Maid-of-Honor) Ashley did a fabulous job on planning out the entire weekend including where we stayed. She put so much thought into what would be convenient for everyone traveling into town as well as going out at night. Great Job Ash- We loved everything!

So if you missed my "Warning: Dallas" post, let me catch you up. One of my very best friends, Chelsea Elizabeth is getting married in May. She and her fiance Seth have been dating since they were in eight and ninth grade. They are two of my very best friends that I met during my freshmen year of college (through Ashley). Chelsea and I have grown closer over the years through nannying in Tennessee (3 summers) at camp. She is one of those friends that I know for a fact, I am a better person because she is in my life. She has been there for me countless times over the past four and a half years; best days and worst. She always has honest advice and has her friends' best interest at heart! I am so excited about her wedding coming up in May. Chels and Seth are two of the best people I know, and deserve all the happiness in the world. I am so honored to call them friends and to stand by them on their huge day! Chelsea has been super stressed completing her Masters in teaching before the wedding, so she needed a fun get-a-way! SOOOO....
Her favorite friends from the University of Arkansas......
and from her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee (well Germantown to be exact.)
Met up in Sunny Dallas, Texas for "Chelsea's Final Fling!!!!!"
Natalie and I were the first ones at the hotel. We had to try on the party masks and experiment with Nat's new curling iron!!! (My hair Before)
The bride-to-be's carload was still on the road, so the Tennessee girls, Natalie, and I headed to Mattito's for drinks and food! We "cheered" to the Bachelorette even though she wasn't here yet!! Ha with our YUMMY Blue drinks : )

(Alison, Katherine, Jennings)
A few of the Bridesmaids (Helen, Natalie, Me, Maggie)
Alison getting in a quick pose before we went back to the hotel to meet the entire gang....

Me and the Gorgeous Bachelorette!!! (Love you!)
An Aerial view
Quick Pic with Nurse Gail!!!
And Nat Jean!!!
After we snapped some pictures, we went to Ghost Bar at the W Hotel for the night. SO. MUCH. FUN!!! We danced, laughed, and just let loose! I am pretty sure we all needed this night in some way, shape, form, or fashion!!!

The next morning, we had Chelsea's Lingerie shower at the Hotel to start the day!!! I can't show too many pictures because Seth can't see yet (Sorry). But here are some fun ones!!!

Ashley (the B-Party Planner) demonstrating the red bows other use.... (She is going to kill me later for posting this pic! Love you A-Hale)
Let the present opening begin!!!
(Jennings, Maggie, K-Ray at the shower)
The Morning Shoppers (Amanda, Seanne)
haha Chels looks a little afraid here..... Probably thinking "What have my friends gotten me into for the day..."
haha My FAVORITE picture of all!!! Check out Ashley and Chelsea's faces : ) (Gail's in the middle of them)
Alison got these SUPER Cute t-shirts made for all of us, and Maggie got Coozies! Thanks girls!
After the shower, we headed to Breadwinners for lunch. Then off to "The Girls Room" for our workout class! Here is our group picture before...We had no idea what to expect!
Then, our instructor taught us a little bit of everything about pole dancing, yes Pole Dancing. I must say, I have a new respect for "pole dancers." (Can't believe I am typing that) But it is true, we definitely got a workout. We were sore the next day. Even had some bruises. But had an Absolute BLAST swinging around! Our featured dancer...the Bachelorette herself!!! (please don't kill me after this post!)
Our class was an hour and a half, and really was so much fun! I highly recommend it for a bachelorette party! Here is another group shot before we left!
Chels, Nat, Ali, K-Ray, and I headed to do some shopping, then went back to get ready for our final night in Dallas! First Mission: To get the Bachelorette all decked out! (I mean how many times are you going to get the chance to throw your friends a bachelorette party...? We had to go all out!)
We rode the trolley to Primo's where we had reservations for Dinner!!! I just love this picture of Ashley, Helen, and Katherine! So Pretty!!! And all three are wonderful girls!!! (Single too guys...Just sayin')
The other end of the table...Beautiful friends!!
Remember those masks Natalie and I tried on earlier....well they made their appearance Saturday night! (Tease, Flirt, Sexy) We had new names too.... (Slave 4 U (song was on), Available, This is your last chance for a fling) Hilarious- especially if you know us!
Smashley was posing with her light up ring and out Dallas!
With Mrs. "Bad"....
Dinner was so much fun, then we headed off to Liar's Den! Amanda stole Chelsea's hat...she was either: A) wanting to be the bachelorette B)wanting free shots (hmmm? jk A. Troutt)
The DJ was playing some great songs, so you could find all of us on the dance floor!!!
We even Rated a few gentlemen at dinner and throughout the night...
And of course...Danced the night/weekend away!
and well...the end of the night...we felt our age had caught up to us!! haha
So much fun girlies, can't wait to reunite in Memphis in May for Chelsea and Seth's WEDDING!!! It will be here before you know it!!!


  1. Oh my goodness! Thanks for that Shawna! It looks like yall had a blast and I really appreciate yall taking the time to make Chelsea have some fun!!!

  2. You are so welcome! You have raised one wonderful girl and friend to many!!! Miss you and see you soon!