Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lacey is ENGAGED!

Well, Well, Well folks.....something very exciting occurred last night in Maumelle, Arkansas for one of my best friends since fifth grade, Lacey.....She got ENGAGED!!!!
They rein-acted the proposal for family and friends when everyone arrived at Lacey's house! Aren't they so cute!?! I stole this picture from another bestie's facebook, thanks smalls!

Around 10:41pm Friday night, I was helping Allison and Dusty "do crafts" for a shower they are hosting today. Then I got a text from Miss Lacey... "Immmmmm Engaged!" I immediately called her and asked if she was just messing with me or if she was serious. On Thursday we were discussing her getting engaged, planning a wedding,etc. over lunch but neither one us thought it would happen before she left for Florida this morning!

Lacey said head to her house, so I rushed a mile down the road to congratulate the new couple and hear the story!!!
Check out that ring!!! There is a better picture below...Great Job BRANDON!!!
Lacey, Brandon, and the Tankersley family (minus Lauren who is in Greece!)
Now I know you are dying to hear the story:

Lacey went to dinner with three of her friends from Harding University. They went to Cajun's to celebrate a birthday. Lacey couldn't go out afterwards because she needed to pack for the beach; to leave at 5am this morning with her mom and sister, Shelby. Well little did she know on the way home- Brandon was at her house.
It was the first place he told her he loved her and wanted to propose at the same place. How thoughtful! Her family went to hide at Starbucks for the proposal, and Brandon's car was in hiding at Wal-mart so Lacey wouldn't get suspicious when she pulled on her street.

As she was walking to the door, Brandon was on the phone. He asked her if she remembered where he told her He loved her at and how nervous he was..He was a thousand times more nervous right now. Then opened the door.... Lacey was in shock as he led her to her room where roses and candles were. And she doesn't remember a thing from there. Seriously. She was so nervous she said she was shaking and didn't know what to say/do. haha Next thing she remembers is saying "Yes" and all of her family and the friends from dinner arriving at her house!

They both are so perfect for each other! Both on cloud nine and so very happy. Brandon had to head back to Searcy around midnight, and Lacey had to pack to leave this morning for Florida. She obviously wasn't going to bed anytime soon, so I stayed and kept her company while she packed! It was so much fun catching up till 1:30 this morning about everything changing in her life. I am so happy for the both of them. Congratulations Lacey and Brandon!! Love you both : )

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