Saturday, March 13, 2010

Volleyball Morning

Today started bright and early!!! My little, yet taller cousin, Hayley, has been playing on a Junior Olympic Volleyball team this year. Since January, they have had tournaments in Memphis, Conway, Springdale, Ft. Smith, and a few other places. This weekend their tournament happens to be in Little Rock. I was so excited that her first game was at 9am so that I could make it before I went to work. She has played Volleyball since the 6th grade, but I haven't ever seen her play (School, being in Fayetteville, and then LA this past year). Finally I got to watch her : ) Here is Miss Hayley before her first game!

Her Cheerleaders (Daddy, Mom, and Leah (Hayley's Mom))
Time for the games to begin! Hayley getting ready...
About to serve... She was her teams first server, and got the first 4 points. She did wonderful in the first game. They won 26-24 for the first set, then won the second set to complete the first match.
Sadly, I had to leave right after the first match. But my parents stayed for her next two matches. Game 2 at 11am: They Won!!! Game 3 at 1pm: sounded like a nail bitter. They lost the first set, won the second set, then lost the third set. But they advanced to tomorrows round. Hopefully I will get to see her play some more tomorrow! She has a natural talent for volleyball and gets the love of the game from her mother!!! That is one aspect of living back in Arkansas that I am excited about, seeing this one play Volleyball!!!
Hay: You did AWESOME today!!! Love you and Good Luck tomorrow!!!

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