Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dalty!!!! Here's the Birthday boy reading his card from me today.
You see, I just love my grandfather. I was so blessed to know all of my grandparents and even a few great-grandparents. And I cherish everyday that I still have three grandparents here, that I get to enjoy and spend time with.
Dalton, Becky, Me, and Meemaw at my college graduation in May.

In honor of the Birthday Boy, let me give you some inside scoop on this man.
Dalty and Becky have been married 50+ years and are the best grandparents to my sister, cousin, and I. They are so supportive in everything we do and have been all of our life. Becky is known for her great cooking and Dalty is known for his stories! (He is also a sudoku champ! Don't challenge him- He was an accounting professor at ASU for years, so he is very good with numbers!)

In June, here's where you can find him! Sitting in his American Flag chair by the swings in Mexico Beach, Florida! In the afternoon with a beer in hand (as shown) and at night, with a glass of wine! He has to keep up with the youngin's. We go every year with his side of the family (75+ of us) for one week. It is the highlight of the year for all of us. He is the second oldest of his siblings (7 total, 6 still with us). You should see it when they get together! It is so entertaining!
The American Flag chair also has a greater meaning to him, he served in the Navy during the Korean war. In fact, he played in the Navy/ Celebrity All-Star game back in the day against Marilyn Monroe! How cool is that. He was a great all-around athlete, playing baseball, football (setting records at Delta State University), basketball, and golf. He recently retired from playing golf, but still enjoys watching everyone play in his backyard! (He lives on the golf course.) Here is Dalty with all of his lovely ladies (minus my grandmother).
I love you so much!! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, Aimee, Hayley, our parents, Duane, and Becky. You are one amazing man who continues to teach us so much. Thank you for being you, and putting up with all of us "Loud" ones!

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