Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Warning: City of Dallas

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the countdown has begun, and I figured Dallas, Texas needs a warning. I have a feeling that this town just won't be the same come Sunday morning.....

Go ahead warn your friends, family, single guys in the area because....THE GIRLS ARE COMING TO TOWN.
Ohhh you know, girls travel in groups and a huge group of us are headed to where every thing is bigger....TEXAS for the weekend! The first bachelorette of our immediate group of friends is gorgeous, sweet and innocent (before this weekend) Chelsea who will be celebrating her single days coming to an end with a "Final Fling" in Texas!
What happens in Texas stays in Texas!!! Hopefully I will capture a few pictures for the blog, however I make no promises what-so-ever. Texas....consider this your warning.

(Sidenote: I REALLY can't believe this weekend is finally here! We have talked about this for years haha literally. SOOO excited to spend some time with my favorite girls from Arkansas and Memphis. Girls see you soon! I already know this weekend will be one for the books.)

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  1. so excited for you girls! Can't wait to read the blog posts!!