Monday, March 1, 2010

Conway Bridal Show

Sunday was the Conway Bridal Show!!!!
I was so excited that this classy elegant affair came together so smoothly. I am just obsessed with this look for a dessert bar! More details soon on how this design "came to life."
But I have a few visitors to Thank on today's post!
Sweet Lacey is in the picture above! She is one of our part time assistants for events and weddings. Now for the picture below: I wouldn't be where I am with out my wonderful Mother (on the left). Mrs. Vickie is on the right, she is just as fabulous. She was one of the first people that told me she wanted to help out at events or with anything I needed. Let's just say she was the best 6th grade teacher I could of had (way back in the day), and is now on Young Designs staff.
My thoughtful grandmother, Meemaw, found out that we were having a booth in Conway. She had to come see what this "business" was about. I was so thrilled that she made the drive down from Heber Springs to see me.
Also, a wonderful surprise, two of my best friends Chelsea and Seth made it by the show. They were so thoughtful to stop by on their way back from Memphis to Fayetteville. Chelsea had mentioned earlier in the week that it might work out but not to get my hopes up. It was icing on the cake to conclude the Bridal Show. Thanks friends!
Young Designs booth was "all about the details" for this show. Here are a few pictures of our presentation.

For more pictures and information about our show click here.


  1. How fun!! Beautiful pictures!!

  2. Hi, I'm a first time visitor from Kelly's Corner.

    It looks like you are very very good at your job. Awesome. :)