Thursday, March 10, 2011

Help: Book Suggestions!

Since I am working on a 'tropical themed' afternoon reception all weekend; playing with tropical flowers and all. I figured I would need fresh inspiration - just in case any more tropical themed events come my way!

A.K.A. a vacation with my sister!!!
I will be packing on Sunday, so I need your help!
What books are MUST reads right now?!
You, know, awesome beach and airplane books....
So that my view can be this picture above. {Well and a few guilty gossip mags such as People and US weekly for the flight, maybe a few wedding ones for work or other inspirational ones too. Those are given. :) }

Leave a comment and let me know what your picks are!


  1. Too bad the next issue of SB isn't out yet . . . becasue there will be some fab tropical inspiration in it!!! Wish I knew of a book to suggest . . . =)