Monday, March 7, 2011

How to look put together?

The title is an important question.

Today, I found the answer. How do you look fully put together before noon?

Well for starters, my day started at the beauty salon. Ohh la la to be exact! Knowing I had a meeting right after, I dressed presentable- then rushed out the door to be there by 10am.
{Hair in greasy ponytail and make-up bag in tow, stomach empty}
After Emily washed, cut, and styled me up, actually down {go see her! FYI- Got three compliments within an hour of leaving there. She is great and a sorority sister of mine!} I was on my way. But with 50 minutes to spare and a meeting down the street. It was... what now?
Seeing my faded purple nail polish, I figured I could pop in and out of the nail place super speedy by just getting them take-off polish and repaint my nails. $6 later I was on my way out with "Dulce de Leche." {Thanks. OPI.} Followed by a quick trip to the gas station, and fifty dollars later, I was depressed. Not because it was Monday, but because when I got my car {Age: 16} it cost $20 to fill it up and today {Age: 23 going on 24} $50+ !
{Plus I was probably richer then than now. Thanks. Teenage babysitting queen years.}
Then... I figured I was somewhat ready for my 11:45am meeting at Panera. But needed one last step to look 'put together.' You guessed it. Make-up started and completed all in Panera's parking lot with 15 minutes to spare. Gotta love being put together in under two hours and only having to pump gas and apply make-up to seal the deal.

How did I cure the semi-depression: cinnamon crunch bagel with Honey Almond cream cheese {Thanks. Panera.} Then of course my third meeting of today ended with tasting cake for a sweet sixteen birthday party which wasn't too shabby either. ;) So overall it was a marvelous Monday!

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