Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jamaica Part 2

I'm back with more fun vacation photos. But first a little back ground info on where we stayed. The first part of our trip we went to Jake's in Treasure Beach. It is in between fishing villages. Aimee's boss stayed there in February and told her about it. We loved it. Perfect spot to begin vacation and to RELAX. So peaceful and charming. Then after three nights we drove to the North part of Jamaica to Lucea (about 30 minutes to Montego Bay) and stayed at the Palladium Resort. We really did capture the best of both worlds. Such a wonderful sisters trip.

The pictures in part 2 start after lunch on the day we were switching locations.
We got to drive thru the country side.
Looking over Lucea to our resort!
View from our room!
Sisters!!! Heading to the most hilarious dinner of all. We got sung to by Jamaican waiters dressed up as cowboys in a steak restaurant. It was the highlight of my trip. And the night I laughed so hard my eyes watered!
Our Villa
View from the adult pool.
Big pool.
Adult pool by our villa where we hung out most of the time.
Beautiful view

Last night! Love you sis and had so much fun with you. Stay warm in NYC.

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