Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lovely Recap

I am pretty sure "Where in the state/world am I" could be the phrase this past week. And it looks like March will be more of that!

Last week: So. Fun.

Did a mini road-trip up to Fayetteville for a meeting which turned into two and a little shopping at Riffraff. Plus a wonderful dinner at Noodles with Seanne and Chelsea. I hadn't seen them in forever, so it was a blast catching up. Then Friday, Molly and I headed to see Lacey in Jonesboro! We got to meet her school friends and see "Just Go With It." I laughed so hard at that movie. It was one I didn't know if I would like or think it was stupid, but I
thought it was funny. {Disclaimer: At times, I sometimes laugh at anything. So don't hold it against me if you think it is stupid.}

Saturday morning, I tried out a family friend, Camden's new Zenspin spin class! If you are in Jonesboro, definitely check it out. Either I was majorly out of shape, or it was the most difficult/enjoyable workout ever. Probably both.
Main reason for being in J'boro: Amanda and Bradley's stock the bar shower where I was able to hang out with all my best buds {minus Ashley} from college. It has been forever since we were all together. {Probably Chels' wedding. PS. I stole this pic from her blog! Thanks pal!}
Natalie, me, Gail {who's gettin' hitched in JUNE!},
Amanda {Marryin' in MAY!}, Chelsea, & Seanne

Love them.

Sunday morning it was a early road trip to Conway, Arkansas to set up for the Bridal show! Once set-up, I got to have lunch with these two ladies.

And Meemaw!
Meemaw was cracking me up. She stayed for a little bit of the show {which turned into about 2 hours} and even started talking to the brides! My favorite moment was when one girl mentioned she was getting married in August. Meemaw's response, "I got married in August too!! Just in Nineteen Forty..." (1947 I think, gotta check on that). She was the biggest help ; ) and kept Mom and I entertained! BUT she did think my booth lacked "enough glitter." Love getting advice from all ages! ha

For booth/show details go here!

Then today, I got a sweet treat in the mail! I won Details Weddings and Events blog giveaway a few weeks back and won cake pops from "This Cake Pops!" So glad my little cousins from Memphis are headed this way for the weekend. I know they will help me eat these red velvet cake treats! Thanks Amy!
Leave a comment with your blog link, so I can check in to see your "Lovely Recap" of life!


  1. Again, so glad you liked the pops and maybe some of your brides can use them for showers or luncheons! Loved your bridal fair booth look & hope you had a good show! Here's my personal blog with mainly random (not always lovely) recaps :)

  2. Precious. You are one busy girl!

    I've started a spin clas on Wednesdays at LRAC that's killer and I love it! haha