Monday, March 28, 2011

Jamaica Part 1 in pictures!

Here is the first half of the week in Jamaica!!! My favorite pictures made the cut!

Night 1: We made it. And are safe at our first stop. Just a little restless from our flights.
Went to bed. Opened the door of our villa to this....

Then went to the main area for breakfast and had this view....

Walked around Jake's scoping it out.
Laid out here.

Main lobby. LOVED this place~

Went to Little Ocho for lunch near Alligator Pond. Our lunch view...

Restaurant huts.
Cold beverage and extremely fresh food. As in you picked out your fish from the cooler, lobster was frozen, and shrimp and crab were in the other coolers. Then they grilled/fried it up.
Yes friends, you may NO LONGER call me a picky eater. Because I had no other choice that to eat all of this. And I actually enjoyed it besides it being a tad spicy for me.

Back at Jakes! Sis in the hammock.
After a storm passed and right before sunset.
Proof that you can tell I actually took this photo, not stole a pretty one.
Ready for another dinner!
Our Breakfast spot at Jake's!
Mr. Omelet Chef.
View from the spa at Jakes.

Road trip time.
Yours truly driving in Jamaica. On the right side of the car. On the left side of the road. Skipping over pot holes and all.
While driving you had to dodge goats along the side of the road.

Lunch Spot!

Still at our lunch spot. Best view ever!

Part 2 coming soon!


  1. HOW fun!! I want to go!!!! Can't wait to see more!! Looks like a fab time so far!!

  2. Looks like fun! Beautiful photos!

  3. How fun! You're pictures are neat! I LOVE Jamaica! Where exactly in Jamaica did ya'll go?

  4. OMG Sooo fun and beautiful!!! I'm so jealous! I can't wait to see more pics!