Friday, October 29, 2010

Field Trip

Monday morning, I was up earlier than I have been in quite some time. Meemaw and I hit the road early for a road trip!! We just had the best time. I am so glad that I am blessed to have her as a grandmother and still be able to spend so much time with her. She just celebrated her 82nd Birthday so we celebrated it on our field trip too!!

We headed to Batesville, Arkansas {Home of Mark Martin- Nascar Fans}. Meemaw wanted to take me to a fabric wholesale warehouse there. We found where it was and to our surprise it was already open (at 8:30am), luckily I convinced Meemaw that I needed breakfast before shopping the entire warehouse! Waking up at 3:30am wasn't working to my advantage at this point. ha

We found a super cute house that was turned into Morningside Coffee Shop!
It was perfect!

My Favorite Picture of the two of us!
I love that I have good genes in the aging department with both of my grandmothers :)
Mocha Latte with Vanilla
Action Shot: At the request of Meemaw!! (Friends- This is where I get it from!!)
Simple pleasures in life: bagels/cream cheese, coffee, a comfy sweatshirt for a cold mornin', and quality time with family!

After the fabric place, we toured downtown and hit a few of the Antique Malls! And I got a few items for the January Bridal Show!
Then we headed back to Heber Springs so I could get back home and catch up on work after being gone all weekend. Along the way, I captured a few of these.... secret obsession from as long as I can remember... Old Barns! :) I am sure this love probably started in my early years going to Meemaw's farm/land in Coffeeville, MS and walking around all of the houses she grew up in and the barns on the land. So many memories there, four wheeling and hiking.

Before I left Heber Springs, and since I was in a picture taking mood, we went to the Little Red River to see what the trees looked like. Here is a view of Sugarloaf Mountain!
I was shocked with how low the river was...
My two favorite pictures of the day! (Well of the little red river)
I just love the bridges reflection!!
Again, what a BEAUTIFUL Natural State that we live in.

Loved my day with my grandmother!

Funny Story: While sitting in the coffee shop, Meemaw made the comment that everyone in there was old. I didn't have the heart to tell her that she was the oldest one (By 15-20+ years). But then I was reminded that we are lucky with the last name young, because she (and I) will be forever "YOUNG" no matter how old we get!! :)
And yes I will still remain Young even after I am married, even if it isn't the name I go by!
Such a wonderful day making memories!

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