Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guess What!?!

Guess what is hiding over in the Chenal Promenade!?!


Yes, that is right, Antropologie opened FRIDAY in Little Rock!

It was one of my favorite stores in LA and now, it is 20 minutes from my house!

Yes, I was one of the many shoppers in there on Friday.

Tis' True. Couldn't resist. And I used self-control to leave with only two items.

A birthday present and a pillow sham :)

I added the colorful Euro sham to my bedding. I used it for motivation to clean my room on Friday afternoon. ha. Wish I was kidding on that last statement, but I'm not. It worked though. Room spic & span for the weekend. And I LOVE my purchase :) And Little Rock's newest store!

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