Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween a.k.a. Paranormal Haunted Tour of LR

Since tonight is Halloween, I figured this post would be perfect. Last week, I joined the "Bunko Babes," my mother's bunko group that has been around since the early 90's, for their witches brew festival. This year, they went on a Haunted Tour of Little Rock to see the "spirits" within the city and learn about the paranormal activity that occurs, and they let a few of the "children" tag along. We were "junior witches in training" if you will...
Not knowing exactly what we were getting ourselves into, and coming straight from a meeting to join them last minute, we just wore hats (not our full witches gear).

We met at The Arsenal at MacArthur Museum took an "introductory" tour then were off to see how haunted Little Rock and North Little Rock is. Here is our tour guide and an investigator.
We hopped on a trolley and off we went...
The Hornibrook Museum
Mt. Holly Cemetery
Our tour group
All the witches in North Little Rock!
Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. SO much fun!!! I wanted to go on that tour but they were all booked :-( Next year for sure.