Thursday, October 28, 2010

Heber Springs

I feel like this weekend/first part of this week, I have gotten some miles in. After leaving Harrison, I was off to Heber Springs, Arkansas for the night! I also played with my new {birthday} camera....perfect for capturing the beautiful state of Arkansas and the fall leaves!
I had a little down time when I arrived, so I went exploring around Heber Springs!
I found this fun tree over by the Dam Lookout!
I was in love with the rich red color!
Here's a view of Greers Ferry Lake where I spent many days this past summer with friends and family!
The Heber Springs Courthouse was beautiful!

Downtown Heber Springs
Then it was time for me to meet my grandmother, Meemaw, at the First Baptist Church of Heber Springs for their Fall Festival! She was so excited that I was going to be in town the night of this. Her Church caters in BBQ and all of the Bible study classes set up booths for the kids (and Adults).

Meemaw & Mrs. Gloria (Her Bible Study Leader)
I could do 500 blog posts of how small the world is, but I will save you the reading and just insert this small world story here. My Dad & Mrs. Gloria's son played high school basketball against each other and were on the same team at a camp. Mrs. Gloria and her husband were so glad to meet me and both loved the fact that she and Meemaw had sons that played basketball together over 30-35 years ago! We all feasted on BBQ sandwiches and sweet tea, then it was time for the games to begin.
My lovely grandmother, Meemaw and I
{Forgive me, I had been in the car for 3 hours by this time- so I look a little restless}

I helped Meemaw and her group of ladies work the cake walk!
Lots of goodies were given out! Meemaw even patrolled the room recruiting people for the booth. She was so cute to watch! Gotta love her!
Then we called it a night and got ready for our Monday field trip :)
I just love this picture of Meemaw's backyard! All the leaves changing--Gorgeous!!!

Come back for our field trip :)

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  1. So pretty Shawna! I love them! I need to paint some of the scenery pics!