Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Help Art Feeds!!

Hey Everyone!
Photog & Blog Friend, Dale Benfield, of Benfield Photography out of NWA will give $1,000 to Art Feeds with your help!!!

Read his blog post HERE with details all about how you can raise his contribution up to $1,000!!!
He loves giving back, and you can help do so.

OR if you are in a hurry....LOOK to the right and click on the Art Feeds Link!!! This will take you straight to the page, to vote!! Then, be sure you head over and leave a comment on Dale's post {here} to make your vote count towards the $1,000 towards Art Feeds!

Thanks to Dale for setting such a wonderful example of "Giving Back" to the local community! And Congratulations on your 1,000th blog post today! If you see the 1,000th post, I am the girl in the blue bridesmaids dress with the awkward "funny face" ha. Dale and Meredith were the excellent photographers at Chelsea's wedding that I was in, this past May. The entire wedding party had a blast with these two!

Definitely Check them out and do your part to help Art Feeds!!!

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