Monday, October 18, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Tonight I am linking up with Carissa Graham's Miscellany Monday to fill you in on my life. ha
1) Today was Monday. Enough said. Normally this fact doesn't bug me. But today it does-blame goes to "Fall Sinus Culprit" that won't disappear with meds in a week. Yep. That's it. Hoping my last dose of anti-biotics works tomorrow. If not. Who knows. I'll live. Hopefully. JK- I will.

2) Today was "personally" productive! Business wise....Not. So. Much. But hey, that is what tomorrow is for. Kidding.... I got a few things done for Young Designs. Including two blog posts. Check out my latest "Classy Creole" wedding posts and see how last Wednesday's Girl's Night Out went.
3) Sometimes the best cleaning happens late at night. Oh you know... 1:00am last night I decided to clean out my closet. Took things to the "new" Plato's Closet today for them to buy some things. One just opened in Lakewood Village. They bought my jr. high stuff but nothing "cute" now. Anyone else find this random?? If you have a Jr. High girl, go there! I'm sure she would be in Heaven.

4) Life in Meetings this week :) I actually am a fan of them. Love them-secretly. Well most of them at least.

5) Last but not least, it is Wedding Week in Harrison, Arkansas again!! Can't believe it is already here. Feels like yesterday I was there, doing Hannah & Brent's wedding and now it is her sister, Rebekah's turn. Can't wait for a fun weekend with the William's Family!!

6) Wahoo Go Rangers! Arkansas's Cliff Lee just did it again. {They Won!}

7) Hoping the Piglets {Arkansas Razorbacks} come to play this weekend!! Whoo Pigs :) Will be cheering them on from afar against the Ole Miss Rebels {Bears? ha}.

Wishing you a wonderful week!!! Happy Monday :)

{See this post helped me vent, now I'm back to normal. Gotta love blogs!}

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