Monday, August 24, 2009

Favorite Quotes So Far...

I have absolutely been blessed by getting to know all of my co-workers. They are so friendly and constantly keep me laughing!!! As "funny things" for me to remember, I am keeping up with quotes (don't tell...shhhh) You probably won't think they are funny- cause you would just have to be there, BUT one reason I am doing this blog is t0 help me remember the experience!!!

J: Have you ever been to Hawaii???
Me: No
J: Ahhhh YOU have to go. But only if, go with friends- a really fun group, or two, go romantically head over heals in love! ..................... Never pissed off...ruins the experience.

R.S.: Girrrlll, you'll go from front desk to housekeeping just like that (w/ a snap) !

R.T.: Your Mom called, she said you're broke!!!

T: If all southern people are like you, I'm on the next flight south!

Those are just a few that made my day : ) More posts to come!!!

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