Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lots to Learn

I have SOOOO much to learn when it comes to lighting. However, by working at 3 on-site events Friday and Saturday, I learned a few "beginner" lessons. All events happened to be weddings this weekend, two at hotels in Beverly Hills, and one in Pasadena. Friday night, I learned that no matter how "blue," "pink," or "orange" a room is, after a while, your eyes adjust and take on a "white" tint of the room. In other words, the room might not look as "blue," "pink," or "orange" but look white. In order for it to look the actual color, you might need to walk out of the room then back in. Trust me this happens!!!! I also learned about "saturating" lights, LED lights, how huge productions occur, working hand-in-hand with other vendors, and patience that sometimes is required to make clients happy. Saturday was a busy day as well, I learned more specific lessons. How to color/gel free-standing lights. What "gobo's" into Leko's produce, and how to shutter the Leko's to diminish the area of light projected. As well as LED (light emitted diode), PSU (power supply unit), color saturation again, Parnell's, attaching pin lights into air walls, spot-lighting table arrangements, and zip ties can solve anything : ) !!! A few examples are pictured below:

The "Dream Grill" Gobo : ) is shown above! Followed by a "lavender" ballroom, which after a while might look white to you, when you stare at it for a while.

Beautiful, very saturated, Turquoise LED lights that Images By Lighting can implement at events.....

Some Color Gelled lights mixed with LED lights...

Pin spotting Table arrangements is a fun idea too....Personally, I think it looks great and adds a LOT to the overall appearance of a ballroom! We also tested to make sure none of the guests would be blinding by the spotlights. I was a "table" hopper : )

Hopefully, through me, some of you might learn a little bit about lighting, and the importance it has in events. It is a very cool aspect of the event industry and extremely popular! Plus with technology it will just get better and better!!! Hope you enjoyed reading about my week/weekend!

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