Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One of my top things that I want to do while I am to go Bike Riding down the Boardwalk along the Pacific Coast. Sunday morning, I accomplished that! Elizabeth and I rented bikes at the Santa Monica Pier and rode along the beach towards Malibu. Then we stopped for Lunch on the beach and road back! It was SO much fun and the weather was perfect! My goal before I started work was to be a tourist, since it is my first time in LA. Soooooooo I have had the opportunity to explore several areas: Culver City, Hollywood Blvd.(the good side, not the one by Popeye's lol), Melrose Ave. (shopping of course), the Hollywood Stars tour, driving down the Pacific Coast Highway at Sunset, and seeing Pepperdine University on the top of Malibu looking over the ocean!!!! (picture above)
If you can't tell, I am Loving California! And this is all before my internship starts!

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