Monday, August 24, 2009

Korean Karoke

On Tuesday, I had 2 "firsts"!! Went to my first all you can eat Korean restaurant with roommate Elizabeth and our Neighbors. It was SOOOOO good! We cooked our own beef right on the table! Then I tagged along with Elizabeth to a friend's Birthday party! It was at a Korean karaoke club. The set-up was so neat. Basically, you could rent a room with your own (2) TV screens, remote control, two microphones, and even a waiter. You could get drinks, appetizers, entrees, etc. Perfect set-up for a group of friends. (Or in my case even Family would enjoy it)! The room had a wrap around booth so everyone was included in the sing-a-long...
A few songs of the evening included....Sweet Home Alabama, Backstreet Boys "I want it that way," "I will Survive," Madonna, Beyonce, and plenty others : ) Birthdays are So much fun!!!!

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