Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Few Favorites : )

Day 1:
At Images...I was asked if I liked Country Music???....If you know me well, you know that I LOVE Country Music. Two of the Ladies there are big fans and often go to concerts around the city! They were so excited to find out it was my favorite too!

Day 2:
At an Event Meeting that 2 of my companies participated in...I got to tour the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown LA! I even got to go up to the top and look over the city. Up there is a Garden and several art sculptures. A funny story about this building is that originally, the shiny outside layer was so reflective, that the curtains in the apartments across the street had holes burnt in them from the sun! Thankfully they coated the exterior to reduce this problem. Isn't this building fantastic!?!Day 3:
I worked at AOO Events all day today and for lunch....A few of my co-workers introduced me to FAT BURGER (according to them: the BEST burger place in LA)! I must say it was delicious! I got the "Medium Burger" and "FAT Fries." Excellent lunch suggestion and wonderful company! Thanks Tom and Nick!

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