Sunday, August 2, 2009

Roadtrip to LA

Well after driving 24+ hours on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, my Dad and I made it to Los Angeles, California!!! The drive was so much fun and VERY beautiful! My favorite moments included:

Badland's Burgers in Grant, NM (exit 81 in NM if you are ever in the area...STOP HERE)
Detour to Las Vegas where we won enough money to pay for our hotel stay,

seeing the Hoover Dam...
and stopping in Shawnee, OK (at Wal-mart) to Load up on Snacks!!!

We arrived in LA around 2pm on Friday. We found where two of my offices are located, then ventured onto Hollywood Blvd. and saw some of the "stars." We also ate at a "Popeye's Chicken!" Story time: We didn't plan on eating at Popeye's however our car was being "looked" at by street walkers. It had a cargo carrier on top and we weren't in the best area to stop for lunch! So we unloaded the cargo carrier (yes on the side of Hollywood Blvd.) then went to Popeye's. Next, we headed down to Culver City to move into my apartment. I met Elizabeth (who I got connected with through Kappa, and who is Super Sweet!), her puppy Owen, and saw my new room!
Culver City is a wonderful neighborhood (pictures to come)! I really got lucky how everything turned out! The Kirk Douglas Theater and Sony Studio's are right down the road from me. Plus within walking distance is about 20-30 resturants that have patios outside! (I love eating on patios!! Reminds me of Italy) Friday night, my Dad, Elizabeth, and I ate dinner at Ford's Fillers (Harrison Ford's Son's resturant in Culver City).
Saturday, My Dad and I went to Venice Beach and walked to the Santa Monica pier. Then hit up Rodeo Dr. and Sunset Blvd. We got lunch at Bristol Farms then headed to LAX to send Daddy home! This is where reality hit me that I was actually living in LA for 2 months and officially "on my own." Scary...but SO Exciting at the same time! Stay tuned for how my first week in LA went...

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