Sunday, August 16, 2009

Images By Lighting

Wednesday August 12, was my first "official" full day with Images by Lighting ( I was able to attend a vendor/coordinating meeting, and plan out the rest of the week with them. I was pleased to find out that my first day on-site would be Thursday. Thursday, I had the privilege to go to a residence house to assist in setting up for a birthday party. One of my bosses, Ray who started IBL over 20+ years ago, encouraged me to take pictures to put in my internship portfolio.

Thursday's lesson: Learn how a "Truss" is put together!!! Note: my terminology is still rusty, forgive me.
Step 1: Lay out the truss, pull on fabric covers- if there are any (silver for this event), then assemble some of the parts (yes, I even helped screw some bolts and washers in.. HA)

Step 2: Lift up the main frames and connect one of the inside cross bars to stable the truss.
Step 3: Connect the 2nd bar (which we needed in the center of the truss to hang mirrored disco balls over the dance floor)

Step 4: Connect the last overhead bar

And TaDa...the Truss is complete to hang lights, rings, disco balls, ribbon, anything you can think of! This was a very fun event to work! Sorry there aren't any pictures of the finished product.
I left early to meet up with the AOO Events gang at Lucky Strike Bowling Alley for a "team building" bowling night!!! Which was SOOO much fun! Plus, I beat a few of them bowling (thanks to taking the UA Bowling 1 hour elective...shhh don't tell)....haha sorry guys!

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