Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunday 8/8/09 A Day to Remember...Post 1

Welcome to one of the most interesting days of my life... I promise you will want to read this : )

Sunday Morning, Elizabeth and I headed to Pasadena for the ROSE BOWL FLEA MARKET !!!! I love flea markets, and was thrilled to find out about this one! It occurs the 2nd Sunday of every month, and over 2500 vendors are placed around the Rose Bowl Stadium.

It was definitely an experience! Whenever I "grow up" and get a house, I might have to save up and come get furniture and decor from here, no matter where I am located! Friends & Family this is in the "5 yr" plan, so start saving and come with me! : ) There were so many fun pieces!!! Some people even had U-hauls! Of course I found a few exciting bargains, some jewelry and a vase!! After walking around the entire flea market, Elizabeth and I took a peak inside the stadium!!! I loved being able to see inside this historic "Bowl" stadium!!! If only there were a football game going on.... : )

After we the flea market, Elizabeth took me to downtown Pasadena to show me around. Here's where the day gets interesting....

While stopped at a Red light on a Colorado Blvd. (downtown), my car died. As in really died! Won't Start at ALL! I keep trying to crank it, and put my emergency lights on...don't worry people are honking, cussing, yelling, and speeding past me...while an entire Italian restaurant is watching-not moving just watching! Finally, my car loosened up enough to shift into Neutral, and I recruited a man and his son to help Elizabeth and I get it out of the middle of the street, and into the fire lane. Then, called the lovely "Hyundai Roadside Assistance" for a tow truck. Thankfully I wasn't by myself, Elizabeth was so helpful! 50 minutes later the Tow truck arrived. I asked the man to "jump" it, to see if the battery was the problem...which it was and jumping it worked. He then informed me- not to turn my car off and go straight to "Pepboys" to test my battery.

I get to Pepboys, and the manager was not very nice. After waiting 15 minutes (car still running), I finally got someone to help me. He tested the battery...it is suppose to come in at 600 and mine was 160...basically completely dead...maybe an hour of driving left in it. I was informed that the 10 minute process of changing the battery was going to take 1 1/2 hours at the least, because there were 5 cars in front of me. Lets just say by this point, I am wanting to download instructions on how to change a battery from my iphone and do it myself (not really, but kind of). He was impressed I knew it only took 10-15 minutes to change a battery, asked where I was from, and told me to go inside, buy the battery, bring it out there and someone would change if for me. 10 minutes later, I left with a new battery in my car!!! Thankfully it was just that I needed a new battery! He tested everything else, and I was good to go! I had to hurry home to get ready for the "Summer Under the Stars" Concert that was at 6:30........(Post 2 coming!)

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