Wednesday, October 21, 2009

AOO party

On my last day at AOO Events they threw me a party celebrating the completion of my internship!!! It was SO sweet of them! While I was working, all of a sudden they surrounded my desk singing "Oh she's a jolly good fellow.." and had a strawberry cake! They also gave me the sweetest card, full of best wishes! It was so thoughtful of them. I truly got blessed with a terrific company to head up my shared-internship. They couldn't have been nicer and sweeter to me than they were. I really know that if I needed anything, I have these 10 "brothers" and Mrs. Carla at AOO that would help me out in a heartbeat! Thank you!!!

Here is a picture of Mark Sheldon and I. Mark is the VP of Operations at AOO and was the "ring-leader" in getting my internship planned! He is such a great person! Thank you for everything Mark!
Pictured here is Dave Merrell, President and Founder of AOO events with me. Dave is a tremendous leader in the event industry and I enjoyed getting to know him better while we were in Pittsburgh, PA (more to come on that later). He is a busy guy with designing events and attending speaking engagements across the country, so I was thrilled he was in the office on my last "intern" day! Always a pleasure working with you Dave!
This next picture makes me laugh : ) Tom and I were showing our "surprise" faces!!! Tom taught me a lot about Marketing in the event industry!!!
Here is a few of the members of the AOO team!!! Absolutely love them!!!
And I owe all of these pictures to this guy...Jahon : ) I of course didn't know we were about to have a party, and my camera was in my purse. Luckily Jahon had the camera ready! I really love the fact that Zaid and Rubin are in the background of this one!! You 3 are the BEST : )

Where's Nick? He didn't make any pictures but he is another favorite at AOO! (Hi Lover.. if you're reading this)
As you can tell, I worked with a fun group at AOO! To learn more about them, check out there website at: or Follow their blog at: They really are one of the top leaders in this industry and do a fabulous job!

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