Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sunday September 20: Primetime Emmy's

Sunday was such a fun and exciting day for me as an intern. Throughout my internship I had the privilege to tag along with Images By Lighting owner and creative lighting designer, Ray Thompson to meetings with Sequoia productions regarding the Primetime Emmy's Governors Ball. I was thrilled that I would get to work at the largest sit down dinner in the nation, plus get to see some important people!! Never did I imagine coming from Arkansas to LA that I would get the opportunity to work at two events of this caliber. I truly am blessed to work with the companies I am with! As I was getting ready to go on set this day, I realized what I actually was attending. An awards show that I always watch, I am attending the dinner and a post party immediately following the airing. WOW. How did this happen?
Now back to the night...
After set-up was complete, all of the lighting crew changed and got ready for the event to start. Here is Ray and I in front of the main stage. A closer look at the stage, with some amazing lighting if I do say so myself : ) View of the stage from the tech. booth!
The Grey Goose Ice Bar....LOVED THIS!!!
Beside the Grey Goose Bars, were lounge furniture groupings. Check out this Gold grouping....
A few pictures of the tables and the actual arrangements....
A picture of me at the actual event!

It really was so much fun seeing this event come to life. I stayed at the Governors Ball until about 10pm then headed to another event by Images By Lighting. Check in tomorrow to hear all about the HBO Post Emmy Party!!! Once again, I might just go into depression once my internship is over. lol

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