Monday, October 26, 2009

Overview of My Internship

It is crazy to me that it has almost been a month since my internship ended. I am trying to get caught up on the blog, so expect lots of posts this week : )

Let's just say that I am a HUGE-HUGE-HUGE fan of shared internships after August and September. Those two months are two that I will treasure and remember FOREVER! I am still amazed I had the opportunity to do half the things I actually did! It was a "first" for all three of the companies to share an intern, hopefully I made a good impression.

Here is an overview of my Internship with AOO Events owned by David Merrell, Images By Lighting owned by Ray Thompson, and TFS Studio owned by Clifford Miller.

Over of 400+ Hours (412.5 to be exact, not that I kept up with it lol ) of administrative, on-site, and marketing experience with three industry leaders. This includes pretty much everything from hands-on activities including: making floral arrangements and boutonnieres, "gelling" par 46 uplights around a ballroom, making table arrangements come to life, cutting & tearing linens to make table runners, and sooo much more! Other tasks included: marketing promotions, assisting in RFPs, office projects, running errands, and helping out wherever was needed. In the event industry every day is different, which I absolutely love!!!

I got to witness first hand how three companies, all in the same industry but very different, are run. I was able to shadow owners to client meetings, vendor meetings, and corporate meetings all the while meeting professionals in the industry. A shared internship was a "no-brainier" for me to accept. I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to learn SOOOOO much from these companies.

The main ingredient in a shared internship program is flexibility. I was lucky that all 3 of the owners were friends and agreed to be flexible with every one's time. I in turn had to be extremely flexible, but for my own benefit. I had direct contacts at each company (Mark, Pheadra, and Brandon) who worked with me and my schedule. They wanted me gain the most from my internship therefore switched days around depending on certain events (Ex. Prime time Emmy Gov. Ball Press Preview). They all had my best interest at heart-which meant the world to me. Thank you all so much for everything you did!!!

Through work and events, I saw tons of sites and meet lots of people. My next post will talk about a few of them....

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