Monday, October 19, 2009

Last weekend of my internship

On the last weekend of my internship, I was with Images By Lighting. Saturday September 26, I met Ray in Pasadena to assist on-site at the Langham Hotel. Then met Curt in LA for the remainder of the day. We were mainly at the London Hotel lighting a Bar Mitzfah. However we made "pit-stops" at 2 other sites all which were fabulous weddings.
Here is the rooftop at the London Hotel in Hollywood...The view was amazing.... The glass shield didn't really work well with my camera (sorry). This is a view towards Beverly Hills...then below is a view of central Los Angeles. A little FYI: The Blue and Green buildings is the PDC (Pacific Design Center) where the HBO Party(see past posts) was held!!!
It definitely was a fun weekend to see several sites in LA!

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