Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 1, 2010

We headed to Beale Street to watch the Liberty Bowl Parade! It was SOOOOOOOOO COLD!!! (I was colder here than during the game) It was so much fun being around all of the hog fans and getting excited about the football game!!! Here is a view of Beale St. before the parade!With Natalie and Amanda waiting for the parade to start!

And finally the razorbacks came through!!!
Including our mascot, TUSK!
After the parade, we warmed up at Hard Rock Cafe, went browsing at the Peabody place, then had reservations at Blue Fin! Storytime: we had a really really cute Waiter. As in GORGEOUS! (All 3 of us thought so, and we all have different taste, so you know he was cute-and probably reading this now, whoops!) We were taking odds on who was gonna ask if he was single. Then, after we had paid, he informed us he proposed. last night. to his girlfriend of two years. : (

But then we headed over to Silky's to listen to some tunes!! It was so crowded but a lot of fun! We saw so many people we knew! We ran into my friend Aaron from high school and his brother Josh there! So good to see you two! (Josh is on the left, Aaron is on the right!)
The boys with us!!!
Then we headed to do some more dancing! Let's just say, I realized how "out of shape" I am by all of the dancing I have done in 2010!! (And remember, this was the first day of 2010)
Next stop, McDonalds at 2:30 am and heading to Chelsea's house to get our beauty sleep!

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