Monday, January 11, 2010

TSE: Day 1

Hello from New Orleans, Louisiana!!! This week, I am attending/working The 25th Special Event Conference. The Special Event started in 1985 in San Diego, CA. The first year, there were 998 people who attended. This year, there are close to 5,000 in New Orleans. I am one of the lucky "100" who have the opportunity to help make the event happen! And I will be able to attend the education sessions as well as the parties. It will be an exciting week to say the least!

After being "on vacation from events" the last month, I am looking forward to getting "re-energized" and bringing home additional tips and ideas for Young Designs!

Day 1: Began very early in Maumelle....4:20am is when my alarm clock started ringing! By 5:30, I was checking in at the airport and on my way! I had a lay-over in Memphis, and could smell the BBQ as soon as I got off the plane. Keep in mind this was 7:30am. I left Memphis at 9 and by this time, the BBQ smelled great since my body thought it was lunch time!

Once I landed in New Orleans, I was starving!!! I checked into my hotel...
Love my bed/breakfast style room!!!

I asked the welcome attendant where I should go for lunch. She gave me three options, that were walking distance from the hotel. One was "Mother's." As I was walking out of my room, my Dad called. I asked him if he had any lunch suggestions..."There's a good home cookin' place
called Mother's, if you can find out how close it is to you!" I knew if My Dad AND the lady at the desk both suggested this place, then I needed to try it!
Here's a sneak peak inside "Mother's"....
My Dad told me that he has actually waited in a line that went around the restaurant and out the door before! I believe it! Everyone LOVED this place. I met a couple from St. Louis here, and they heard about it a week ago in Florida from some people! So....what did I think about it?
I chose to "wait" 20 mins for the fried chicken plate....
and it was worth the wait! Then it was time to go register for TSE! I strolled the streets of New Orleans on my way to the convention center....
Found this restaurant that I might have to try....; )

Made it in time to register. Then I met up with two of my favorite people that are in New Orleans! Nick and Audrey!!! Nick is one of my super fabulous favorite AOO co-workers, who I just adore! He is a producer for AOO in LA! You can't help but have a smile on your face and laugh when your around this guy!!! I was super excited when I found out he was going to be in New Orleans!
And this is Mrs. Audrey! She was my roommate in Pittsburgh, when I was there for an event in October. We became immediate friends! She is so much fun to be around and has been in the industry for over 25+ years! I love the encouragement and advice this woman has! Audrey and Nick are both speaking in the first education session I am attending in the morning! I loved being able to catch up with them today, while helping them set-up for class tomorrow! Such wonderful industry leaders they are! I am SO excited to hear them speak, and to be at Nick's first TSE "speaking" appearance!

At 5, I had a HOH meeting, which went great! There are volunteers from many states and countries here! I am looking forward to working with all of them, and learning from them.

This evening was a treat! I met back up with Nick and Audrey, as well as AOO Owner David Merrell, Sarah Lowy (who I worked with on the Malibu wedding), and 7 other industry leaders and speakers for dinner! I was so glad that I got to see David and Sarah, as well as meet so many other leaders in the industry! I am looking forward to what this week holds and hearing all of them speak : )

Goodnight from New Orleans!

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  1. You must eat at Emerill's! He has a food bar. You can sit there and try all the food they are cooking. Reservations are sometimes hard to get.
    I love this blog!!!!!! I can't wait until you post today's activities.