Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week Recap:

Hope Everyone has had a wonderful week! This week has been particularly busy to say the least! But a very productive one : ) I have been finishing up last minute touches on the Young Designs Bridal Show booth, and I am SUPER excited about it. I can't wait to post pictures of the booth and our design! (Check back January 17 in the pm for a Bridal Show recap)

Since I am leaving Monday for New Orleans, I have been running errands and getting everything lined up for the show! I have also worked a little at Limehouse, and had a lunch date with Natalie to prepare for Bible study tomorrow night! (We are doing a small group study with 6 seventh graders!)

Last night, I had the opportunity to housesit and keep two teenage girls! Yes....I felt old for two reasons. 1) I started keeping these two in the 9th grade when they were 4 and 6, and kept them in the summers during my high school years. Now they are now 12 & 14! 2) While eating dinner, Madi, the oldest one, told me I sounded like her mother (giving advice on how the reputation you make for yourself in jr. high/sr. high will carry through....)!

It was quite the night, consisting of: Shopping for a boyfriend's birthday present, picking up cat food, a Nintendo game, dinner at On the Border, bowling and playing arcade games, sonic treats, then making sure the geckos, turtles, cat, and dogs were all fed! Needless to say, I'm calling it a night early tonight to catch up on my sleep :)

PS. I promise to keep you updated while I'm at the Special Event conference in New Orleans!!!

Oh and before I forget....Go vote for my friends please!! Click "Chelsea" then "vote" when you go to here!

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