Thursday, January 14, 2010

TSE: Day 4

Thursday, January 14:

Today was my favorite seminar day by far!!!! I felt like I got so many positive, creative, inspiring ideas and thoughts! Who did I hear?

Well, to start the day off was Michael Cerbelli's: Hot Event and Entertainment Ideas for 2010!
Let's just say I was "WOW"ed! I loved his presentation of his favorite items and all of the guests he pulled on stage. To find out more about him, check out the Design Dawgs guest blog post from Michael Here! Speaking of the Design Dawgs, the next seminar I attended was Design Dawgs II: the pack is back! Audrey introduced, David Merrell, and he did an EXCELLENT job with his top ten tips you need to know about Event design!

He even had two guests join him: King Dahl (MGM Mirage Events, Las Vegas) and Michael Cerbelli (Total Entertainment-Team Cerbelli, New York). The picture above is King, David, and Michael on the right. My favorite part of David's seminar was hearing: 1) The background story on these guys 2) Seeing them interact with each other 3) Hearing the advice and inspiration ideas/tips that they had for new comers in the industry as well as the future state of the industry, as a whole.

My next stop was at "Stoke the Fire of Creativity" by David Fischette. David is the CEO-Go West productions in LA! I thoroughly enjoyed his class as well! We split in groups and went through planning a "fake" event! It was great seeing how creative the groups got and what they came up with to meet the guidelines given. (Our group tied for the win!) So much fun : )

It was a terrific day of learning, and I cannot believe tomorrow is Friday! Hope everyone has been having an amazing week!!!

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