Thursday, January 14, 2010

TSE: Day 3

Wednesday, January 13:
I started the morning off with my first Hands-On-Hundred volunteer shift! It was so much fun! We met at the conference center auditorium, and were ushers for the Opening General Session: Welcome to New Orleans event (complete with a Jazz Band)! This event led attendees to the trade show floor to see all of the "event industry" new vendor items being released in 2010! Our volunteer group then headed to the host hotel to help out at the highly anticipated "Wedding Lunch."

The next stop for me was hitting the trade show floor to see "who had what!" The trade show was complete with latest linens, event furniture, rentals, and knick-nacks along the way! They also had all of the nominated companies displayed by the award they were up for. Look who I found... AOO EVENTS : )

Sarah and I went to Hillary Harris' New Event Trends inspired by Hollywood and Pop Culture Seminar, which was great! We had the opportunity to hear about her experience being the Warner Brothers Special Event Director and learn how her team prepares for Hollywood events. It was a great seminar teaching new "inspiration" styles and methods!

Then I headed back to the host hotel to work my second HOH shift from 6-11pm! I helped ticket for the Welcome Event, then we loaded up the buses and headed to the Mardi Gras World! When guests arrived, we walked through the building that holds all of the Mardi Gras floats!!! They were AMAZING!!! and HUGE!
Once we walked through the warehouses, there was a plantation style venue right along the Mississippi River, complete with two bands and lots of cajun style food!

I loved this lighting element in the ceiling of the venue, the truss and LED lights made a great artistic statement in this room...
We HAD to get some photo ops with the floats!!! Here's Nick (sorry its blurry)....
and Sarah....

and David...

At the end of the night....Confetti went off as the Jazz band was playing... AND
There was a fireworks display just for us!!! The fireworks were shot off of the barge...

It really was a beautiful evening!!!

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