Monday, January 18, 2010

TSE: Day 5

Friday was a big day in New Orleans! TSE was wrapping up! I concluded the conference by attending two seminars, going to lunch at Emeril's restaurant with friends/colleagues, and getting ready for the evening's Gala Awards. The Gala Awards are like the "Oscars" for the event industry, it is the premier award. AOO events (who I interned with) was up for an award and they WON! I was thrilled for them. Here is David (owner) and Nick (producer) accepting their award!!!Then it was time for the celebration to begin! Here are some pictures from the Gala!

the drumline came through...
as well as a step show performance...
confetti and dancing to kick off the "celebration" hours!
He was SO talented....
My Favorite: Champagne Chandelier!!!

The Gala celebration was over the top, and such a wonderful way to end the week! TSE definitely was worth the trip to New Orleans and so much fun!

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