Sunday, January 3, 2010

Liberty Bowl

The second of January started off as one of those days. Amanda, Natalie, and I got ready then as we were headed to meet Mrs. Pam downtown, I realized that I had left the tickets at Chelsea's house. Luckily we were only half way from Germantown to Downtown! We hurried back to get the tickets, then headed back downtown to drop my car off and ride with Mrs. Pam to the game. We met her and then got hit from the back, and hit another car on our way to the stadium. No one was hurt, thankfully! We got to the stadium right at kick-off!

Arkansas played in the Autozone Liberty Bowl on January 2, 2010 in Memphis, Tn!!!! I am so glad that I got to go to the game! Luckily before I headed to Memphis, I met my Dad for lunch at Mcswains Sporting Goods (Gas Station that has the best sandwiches, hunting apparel, fishing supplies, etc......only in the south). There I invested in heat warmers for your hands, feet, and a square one that works great behind your neck!!! I stayed comfortable in the 27 degree weather until the middle of the 4th quarter! That's when the sleeping bag and blankets came in handy!!!

Eddie Money was the half time entertainment !!

Natalie and I were sitting with a bunch of our family friends on the 50 yard line! Then in the 4th quarter, we headed down to row 10 to sit with Chelsea and Seth! And to Cheer the Hogs on to victory in Over time!!! We won by 3 points!! YAY go Hogs! (yes it was an ugly win, but we were happy we won!)
Now, we have to wait till August for more Razorback Football!!!

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