Thursday, November 5, 2009

Monroeville Convention Center Transformation

My favorite part of being on-site is seeing the transformation happen. There is something exciting about looking over an empty venue and knowing that hours/days later it will look totally different. The UPMC gala was held at the Monroeville Convention Center. When the AOO staff came on-site it looked like this....
Over the next 36 Hours tons happened during set-up to make this event come to life, including hard work by numerous groups of people. Hope you enjoy the pictures of an event designed and produced by AOO Events!!
The cocktail area included the bar pictured above and several lounge groupings as showed below.I loved the way the designers separated the space.... And from the picture above looking at the dividing wall and into the cocktail area, if you turned around, you would see this....A little FYI: The lighting was designed by my favorite lighting designers...Images By Lighting!

You may be wondering what I did while in Pittsburgh. Well LOTS of little things (which I love) but I was primarily with the Florist, Justin Howard, and worked on getting all of these centerpieces looking fabulous : ) Working with all of the flowers was so much fun!!!
Here is another look at the room....from the far corner.
I actually left Pittsburgh as the event was occurring to get back to LA, but before I did....

I was able to catch Kristen Chenowith's rehearsal!!! She is absolutely precious and has such an amazing voice.
It really was such a fun trip with a great group of talented people. Here is a "partial" group picture...we were still missing about half of our group at this point!! We had a blast all hanging out together in Pittsburgh! Thanks again AOO for letting me tag along, always a pleasure working with you all.

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