Thursday, November 5, 2009

LA Play Day!!!

Saturday October 10, was a LA Play Day! First stop was the EARLY Arkansas Razorback watch party for the Auburn game. (side note: these morning games are killing me, since we are two hours earlier here on the west coast) I slept through kick-off and got there around half-time woops : ) There wasn't a schedule for this day, but it turned out to be a pretty fun day. After a little shopping at the Grove, we discovered this in the middle of LA....
So Happy Belated Halloween : )
Here is a group picture of the Arkansas kids playing at the Pumpkin Patch! (Brett, Megan, Me) We were so excited and yes I purchased a small pumpkin for the apartment! Below-any girl's favorite past time....playing in a red wagon!!!
Then we headed to....
(Check out the photography skills.... : ) Yes, I took this one!! sunset in the background too.)
Here is us on the beach at sunset...and again on the street corner....

I have gotten very lucky to have found some great friends in LA, and two of them just happen to be fellow hogs! All 3 of us knew each other at school but never really hung out. Now, we hang out all the time and have gotten to be the best of friends!!!

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