Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sample Sale

"A picture is worth a thousand words." Well, Well, Well....look what I stumbled upon.... This picture shows a third of the space this warehouse actually was. It was a sample sale. Not your everyday sample sale. But a $3 sample sale, yes every single item...$3. To a bargain girl like myself, this was gold.

Needless to say, I found potential in just about everything. But I did use self-discipline and only purchased this amount...Yes, I did turn LOTS of items down. And only kept the "Love" items. I had a guessing game going on twitter about the number of items in the bag. What's your guess?

Funny Story: My friend Chelsea guessed 31. Which happened to be how many I thought I was buying, then at the table, they counted 29! I guess you can say, she knows me very well! (She also won a fun, CA prize for playing the game)! You might be in shock right now that I bought 29 articles of clothing from one place. But let me remind you, as my Mom did my dad when he saw the following pictures, I got 29 clothing items for $87. Beat that. If you do, call me first so I can tag along~

Now for the items....

A few more dresses and two pairs of jeans... I am so excited about my new purchases : ) And it might be a good thing I won't have cheap sample sales to stumble into all of the time anymore...My closet is officially full!

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