Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Warner Bros Studio Tour

Something I had thought about doing the entire time I lived in LA, was to go on a studio tour. Way back when I did the Stars of Hollywood tour, my hilarious tour guide said that WB was the best studio tour. So I took his advice and headed to Burbank....
It was my last full day in LA, so I wanted to do something worth remembering. I am so glad that I picked the WB studio tour. It was really neat to see what all goes into "tv/movie" production. Here is my tour documented in pictures. Hope you enjoy it!
This was originally built as the "casino" for Oceans 13! Since that movie, they have repainted the building and can use it in many forms. Including: Hotel, Police Station, High School, etc. There are several pieces of the "city." They change the decor to make it look like whatever city they need it to be. The "city" at WB includes lots of different outdoor settings that can be used to capture multiple scenes. The options really are endless....
This area of the city, use to be the ambulance driveway in the first few seasons of ER. They filmed here before they built the "hospital." Why? They were unsure how successful the show was going to be.
Fun Fact: This wall was made famous by....the upside down kissing scene in Spiderman! Here is the actual Hospital from ER!
The town of Gilmore Girls, which is now used as the town for Eastwick!
Can you guess what this corner building used to be.....LUKE'S Diner from Gilmore Girls! Eastwick tv show was filming while we were there...
Famous building in Casablanca....
"Central Park" in Los Angeles....
Coldcase films at the WB studio lot. Here is a pic of how the outside of the set looks when filming is occurring. Lots of trailers.
The tour included a "Car Show Room" displaying a few of the more popular cars that have been featured in the movies. Here are a few of them:
Scooby Doooooo.......
The Bat Mobile from the Dark Night...can travel up to 110 mph.
The following picture is for Ashley Hale!!! Bet you can tell which movie it is from!
This should remind you all of a great tv show....FRIENDS!!! The Central Perk Coffee Shop is set-up in one of the warehouses for people to see! Jay Leno actually gave the WB staff this idea. He wanted to interview the actresses and actors of the show in the coffee shop, so they re-set it up. Then he recommended them to keep it up and show it on the tour. Such a great idea!
Hanging out in the coffee shop...
Look whose parking spot...I spotted!
Such a fun tour, I definitely recommend it if you are ever in the area!

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