Friday, November 13, 2009

Weekend In Arkansas

Since I am on the road to Arkansas, I figure I would post about my last visit home! October 27th was Miss Ashley Hale's Birthday!!!!Ashley and I have known each other since the 10th grade and she is one of my closest girls! Since I was missing her actual birthday, I figured why not go home the weekend after to celebrate!! Turns out, Miss Amanda Troutt, another awesome friend from College, also turned 23!! Her b-day is October 28th! So not only would we get to celebrate Ashley's birthday that weekend, we get to do a joint celebration!!!

Thursday, I headed to LAX to fly home!!! I was so excited to head back south for the weekend! Story time: During my lay-over in Vegas, we had to switch planes right before we took off. Lets just say, not a fun feeling looking out the plane window and seeing your luggage being REMOVED from the aircraft. Then, we had to re-board....alphabetical order (by last name!) you can imagine my excitement being the last person to board the plane, and the lucky person to get the last seat on the plane!!! (sarcasm if you can't tell)
My position in line....Finally we made it to Little Rock, where is was pouring!!! After hanging out with the family, we called it a night!

Friday I had the pleasure to meet with Tanarah , owner of Distinctive Designs by Tanarah in Maumelle, then joined my grandparents at Senor Tequilas!! (One of my FAV Mexican restaurants) To celebrate my grandmother Becky's birthday!!! Afterwards, I met up with my wonderful friend (and college roommate) Natalie to ROAD TRIP it to Fayetteville!!!!The leaves were all changing and GORGEOUS!!! It really is such a beautiful drive up to the University of Arkansas! My favorite part is when you round the last corner on I 5-40 and you can see the entire University of Arkansas Campus! We arrived at Chelsea & Ashley's house and got ready for the Birthday dinner at Ella's!!! Check out Chelsea's blog for more pictures of the weekend (specifically this night at: ) I didn't have my camera that night, so I stole these next 2 from her blog! sshhh
The group after dinner : ) Next stop: Dickson Street!!! Grubs then Z, the usual. It was so much fun running into college friends! We definitely had some good times this night! I was also glad to see Miss Seanne too! (Another amazing friend, and sorority sister too!)
(L to R: Seanne, Me, Chelsea)
Saturday was a fun-filled day!!! After lunch, shopping, and getting ready....we headed to TAILGATE!!! Here is me with Birthday girl Amanda at our first stop!!!
Pictured below is me with Miss Chelsea (Soon to be Mrs. Chelsea -ahhh) another fab. BFF from College! And probably the only one that I'm writing about that will read this! : ) By the way, I'm loving our boots!
Miss Natalie and myself!! We go way back...Jr. High School days, and lived together our Jr. & Sr. years of college!
Then it was PLAY TIME!!!!
I don't remember who the final champion ended up being, but we all had a good time!!! We also threw the football around! Let's just say, I love being a kid at heart!!!

Stop 2 was in the "Pit"....visiting my parents, who came up for the game too!!
Game time: We killed whoever we were playing (think it was Eastern Michigan maybe?) to win our 2009 Homecoming game!!!
Sunday: We woke up, went to church, and got a history lesson.....
We had a car load that headed to this place....Monte Ne Inn
Our driver was Mr. Seth Jewell, our History teacher was Miss Chelsea.
And in the backseat we have @Zwilly, me, and @natstagg (yes they had fake twitter names for the ride)
We learned about "Monte Ne Inn" as we were headed to eat "family style" fried chicken...mmmm Once we got there, we realized we were out of our league...this is one "hole-in-a-wall" restaurant that you MUST have a reservation for if you plan on eating there on a Sunday afternoon!!!
It definitely was a trip to remember! I loved hanging out with all of my friends and family! I really am blessed to have them all! Thanks for a great trip guys!!!

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  1. Haha. We sure do need to make our friends read our blogs huh? Love all of the sweet messages!! And I promise I am calling you back ASAP! Studying and trying not to get sick these past two days, but you WILL be hearing from me SOON!!! :) Loves the blog, missy!!