Monday, November 23, 2009

Themed Couples Shower

This post is very fitting for right now, duck hunting season has arrived in Arkansas!!!
Friday night, my parents along with 10 of there closest friends hosted a couples shower for Brian Pipkin and his fiance Katy! The Pipkin's are long time family friends of my family, and the hosts wanted to choose a theme that fit Brian's personality. They decided a Duck Hunting themed couples shower would be perfect, and it was!
Friday morning, I met Mrs. Sandy at Maumelle Country Club to help set up for the shower! We had so much fun setting up! Using fall colors, decoys, camo burlap, waders, and flowers the hunting theme came to life in the MCC dining room! Here's a sneak peak at some of the decor....
I was in charge of decorating the two mantel's in the dining room.
How many decoys can you find!?!
Mantel #2:A closer look at some of the mantel details...
Mrs. Sandy also made this gorgeous flower arrangement for the entry way!!!
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All of the guests really enjoyed the shower! I was so glad to be home in time to help my mom and her friends out for this event! As well as see tons of family friends at the shower. It was such a fun day/night.

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