Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Ever since Labor Day, I have been DYING to go SKYDIVING!!!! Marcus was telling us about his jump, and said he was going back! I planned right then, to go skydiving while I was in California, therefore my mind was made up and no changing it : )
Finally, a month and a half, we were able to get our schedules together for October 25!!! I WAS SO EXCITED!!! One of my former bosses, Anne, always tells me, "If you want to do anything adventurous do it before your married & have kids, because then- you will change your mind." So I took her advice : ) I also knew my Mother would freak out and try to talk me out of doing this, therefore I would wait to tell her.
Sunday Morning, the 25th, Marcus, Brett, and I headed to Perris Valley Skydiving school to jump! On our way there, my mother called. Those of you who know me well, know I can't lie. Our conversation went as follows:
Mom: "What are you doing?" ( a question all mothers are known to ask) (Upbeat Mood)
Me: "Driving to Perris, California with Marcus & Brett"
Mom: "Oh fun, why?"
Me: "It's where they filmed the skydiving scene from the Bucket List, you know the movie with Morgan Freeman..."
Mom: "ohhh why are yall going there? Just to see where they filmed it?"
Me: "No, You didn't get that did you?"
Mom: "No. No, I didn't. I'm confused..."
Me: "We're going skydiving!"
Mom: "Who's going skydiving?" (Mood not so upbeat anymore, in "stern" mom-talk)
Me: "Me, Marcus, & Brett."
Mom: "WHO?" (Screaming)
Me: "Me, Marcus, & Brett" (very upbeat tone)
Mom: (silence)
LOL Love her, she is just a concerned mother! As we arrived, we signed our lives away, did a video recording stating that we take full responsibility for anything that happens, and signed about 1o more papers. Then we were ready to go. Marcus is in the training program. He was on his 6th training lesson and jumping by himself! So we waited for his class to finish, that way we could all jump together. While we waited we watched other people jump! I never really was scared, even watching all the other people jump.Closer to time to jump, I was a little nervous, but more excited than anything. Here is the 3 of us all suited up, about to get on the plane! (L to R: Marcus, Me, Brett)

As we were walking to our plane, we got to see the plane that they jumped from in the movie "The Bucket List," see this WAS one of our reasons for going to Perris Valley!There are no pictures of me jumping, only a DVD! I'm so glad I got this experience captured on film. (Let me know if you want to see it!!!) As, we were headed up in the plane, James filled me in on what to do. I was getting a little more nervous at this point but mainly wearing a smile on my face! Then...we jumped! It was AMAZING!!! It was gorgeous looking over the mountains, seeing where the ocean was, and flying through the sky : ) They said on a clear day, you can see Catalina Island!Here's Me: on the ground!!!! I did it!! Below is a picture of me with James... He was on his 6th jump of the day!
Marcus passed his training session and was back on the ground too!!! (I think i'll stick to tandem jumping and not chose to go by myself, but I give Marcus credit for doing that!)
And I even got this....

Skydiving was SO much fun! I definitely recommend doing it if you haven't. I really can't explain how breathtaking, amazing, indescribable, (i could go on and on) it is. AKA best experience of your life! It is one thing you should do, to check off your own Bucket List!

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  1. I am TOTALLY jealous! I have always wanted to do that.