Monday, April 5, 2010

Best Firehouse Subs Mural

One of my favorite restaurants is Firehouse Subs!!! (Hook & Ladder on Wheat is my suggestion if you need one). Something that I always notice when I go into a Firehouse Subs, is the Mural on the wall. Each is unique based on the town. Well this post is long overdue... because the best mural is on Maumelle Blvd.
If you are an Arkansas Razorback fan or have lived in Arkansas anytime over the last 20+ years, nine times out of ten, you have heard the voice of the man pictured below. Paul Eells. Mr. Eells was THE voice of the Razorbacks as well as a Sports anchor for Channel 7 News in Little Rock. He was a resident of Maumelle. I remember asking my mother if I could go say "Hi" to him at Kroger when I was a little girl because I thought he was a celebrity. Going "Trick-or-Treating" to the Eells' house with all my friends growing up because they always gave the best candy! He was one of the nicest men ever, and passed away in a car crash a few years ago; after finishing playing in a golf tournament in Fayetteville.
Shortly after he passed away, Maumelle opened a Firehouse Subs. Every time I walk in there, I can hear "Oh My! Touchdown Arkansas!" Mr. Eells' famous line which is written on the Big Dam Bridge in the mural, that connects Maumelle and Little Rock. In the sky, you will find two razorbacks, and in the flames....all of the SEC mascots (on fire haha, sorry non-Razorback readers). The fireman on the bottom right, with his headset on, is Paul Eells. Gotta Love tradition, and chain restaurants that connect locally with the communities that they are in! If you are ever in Maumelle, stop by Firehouse and check out the mural!

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