Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In. Love.

This morning I received an email from The Special Event; and fell In. Love.
With What?
Vintage umbrellas and parasols.
Below is the picture that caught my eye. So feminine. Elegant. Classic. Simply stunning and just plain Pretty! Sure it will stir an emotion with the "girl-y-est" girls.
How can you NOT fall in love with these?

Bella Umbrella is the Seattle based company behind these fabulous finds. They offer an array of umbrellas and parasols that you can purchase or rent for your event needs. They are picture perfect for any occasion; wedding, engagement session, or children portraits.
LOVE the colors brought out in this picture!
The laughter is completely caught in this photograph.
You can see how much fun they are having. Just Being Girls.

And Ruffles...Are so IN this year! The Red-Ruffly umbrella melts my heart. Yes- I have a love affair with the color red. And the black one below would be perfect for a black/white photo opt.
Or throw in a little color to spice things up...

For an outdoor event: Rent enough to shade your guests or protect them from a spring shower.
Even incorporate them into your decor...

Your options are endless with these vintage umbrellas. Check out Bella Umbrella's blog {here} to learn more about their products, rentals, and owner Jodell Egbert!
And one last one that I had to include. Have a wonderful day!

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