Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Play Day

Today was a play day in Little Rock with Carly and Landon! After a meeting this morning, they picked me up and we headed to one of our favorite places, Loca Luna for lunch.
It was very yummy as usual! While we were there, we decided our next stop would be getting Landon a haircut! We went to kid-friendly Pigtails & Crew Cuts and Landon got to ride in the airplane! Where were these when I was a kid?Then, we trained this sweet boy to shop for the next hour or so. Luckily he is fond of his stroller. We were shopping for him too. For an 18-month old (who looks like he is 3) and a 30 minute nap in the car, he did wonderful all day. After shopping around Pleasant Ridge we went to the Heights area to Walk/Talk/& Shop! It was a gorgeous day in Little Rock and I probably could have been in shorts. Hallelujah summer is upon us! Carly hasn't been to Zaza's yet since they just opened since her last visit, so we stopped in for GELATO!
We were able to sit on the patio which was perfect! Landon didn't know what to think of the berry gelato. I wish we had a video camera out for his first taste. He. Did. Not. Like. It. But then....
He couldn't get enough of it. Even grabbed the other spoon and was switching bites. It was hilarious. He also said "Aunt Shawna" while we were here!!!!!! Yes, mission accomplished. He does know who I am. : ) He would say it then just laugh! So much fun. Then we had a pit stop at a few places in Maumelle and the Young household where we played a little. Found Aunt Aimee's Elmo upstairs, which was about 3' just like Landon! He was hugging Elmo but it looked more like tackle.
Then it was time to rock a little bit! Isn't he just precious!!! I am so ready for them to come live closer (& keeping my fingers crossed for something in the next few years!) Love him!
And this. Well his dad and my sister both went to Mississippi State, so this was for their benefit since neither one were here. Landon truly is a little razorback!
We just had a blast playing around Little Rock today. I was so glad I got to spend the day with these two friends/family members! Love you both!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday. At one point today, I had to stop and think about what day today actually was. Sad- I know. Have a wonderful night!

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